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Beginner Flash Guide

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You are smarter than your flash, so why let it make all the decisions for you? Your flash's Auto feature may give you okay flash results, but who is happy with just okay? 
This guide will show you how easy it is to quickly understand the fundamentals of flash photography and create dynamic lighting in any situation. 
With FroKnowsPhoto: Beginner Flash Guide, pro photographer and FroKnowsPhoto.com creator Jared Polin along with commercial photographer and BrooklynPhotoWorks.com creator, Adam Lerner, give you a fun and informative approach to learning off-camera flash, from assembling your basic light kit to how to trigger your flash, to understanding flash terminology - all with great motivational tips about different ways you can utilize flash in your photography. 
The best part is that this isn't only classroom learning -- instead of just listening to Jared and Adam talk about flash photography, you'll see them capture actual examples that show cause and effect of each change on the same image and watch real world photo shoots play out with these lessons in mind. 
By the end, you will have gained the confidence to get the flash out of auto and capture great images with your flash. 
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